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350€ per group

  • Duration: 1.5 + hours
  • Location: Tallinn and all Estonia
  • NB: We charge a travel fee of 0.35€ per kilometer if you are located outside of Tallinn's city borders.

A sexy, crazy birthday party for men and women anywhere in Estonia

If you are looking for a more sensual, sexy and crazy birthday event, this is it! Our sexy AfterDark clown is sensual, sexy, naughty and fun!

Our HARLEY QUINN - SHOT & SHOW event we do anywhere in Estonia! If you plan to do it in Tallinn we can also supply different locations if you don't already have one. This is a very fun and intense event and we stay a minimum of 1.5 hours depending on what is going on at your event.

We come to have fun and we bring tons of stuff with us!

As this is a HARLEY QUINN event expect craziness and sexy fun. Our clown will come and play shoot games and do a special show for the birthday child and the group. It's a fun action-filled show that puts the birthday child in the centre of attention.

If you are all up for it you all get some special attention from our clown, she loves lap dances. If you want a bigger event and 2 clowns select our 2 WICKED CLOWNS event.

Our custom made shot wheel is a beast on its own and all shots on the wheel interact with our AfterDark girls in one way or another but be aware... they are not your normal type of shots...


  • 1 AfterDark girl
  • Show for the birthday guy/girl
  • 1 spin on the shot wheel *
  • Shot pin badges with each shot
  • Lap dance for all **
  • Birthday gift ***
  • Striptease
  • Party lights
  • Music system
  • 100% agave Tequila for the shots

1 shot spin + Tequila is included in the price. Extra shot spins available for a fee
** Lap dances are optional. The event is on the sexy side but suitable for mixed groups, both men and women.
*** A birthday gift is included but we can also arrange a special birthday cake, let us know when you book.

NB: Private dances are available, can be dressed or nude, you decide.

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