Bachelor Party - Stag Do in Tallinn/Estonia

We have the perfect bachelor night planned for you

No matter if you want to do your bachelor party in our location in Tallinn, or yours, anywhere in Estonia, we have the perfect night planned for you! We have something for every group no matter if you are looking for a 30 minutes show, a 2-hour mini event or our ALL INCLUSIVE +11 Ultimate Bachelor Party in Tallinn. We are the ONLY company in EU that offer evening events specifically tailored for bachelor groups! 

Why should you book us?

First of all, there is nothing like it! Our events are so unique and crazy fun and NOBODY do what we do! Secondly, planning even a simple night out with a bunch of guys is hard enough, but to plan a proper bachelor party is VERY difficult. Everybody wants different things, however, if your plan includes nighttime entertainment then we've got you all covered!

The only thing you guys must agree on is that you all want an epic party, that's it! If you all can agree on that then just book us and get to the event and we take care of the rest!

Dont mess up this night!

Just doing some day activities, walking around visiting a few bars, and do some lame dares you found on the internet don’t make an epic night... Also just renting a place and sit and drink all night with a bunch of guys ain’t that much fun also. You need proper entertainment and that's what we provide!

2 options!

We give you 2 options, our place in Tallinn or yours, anywhere in Estonia. If you are not sure which one to take then check out both options and then decide!  

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