A fun, sexy & crazy bachelor party in Tallinn & Estonia A fun, sexy & crazy bachelor party in Tallinn & Estonia


750€ per group

  • Duration: 2.5 + hours
  • Location: Tallinn and all Estonia
  • NB: We charge a travel fee of 0.45€ per kilometre if you are located outside of Tallinn's city borders.

A fun, sexy & crazy bachelor party

If you want to kick it up a notch and spend more time with TWO AfterDark girls, then this is the best option. Apart from everything we do in the SHOT & SHOW, there are a bunch of extra things included in the MINI EVENT. And of course, there are 2 AfterDark girls :-)

Our MINI EVENT we do anywhere in Estonia! If you plan to do it in Tallinn we can also supply different locations if you don't already have one.

This is a very fun and intense event and we stay for about 2.5 hours depending on what is going on at your event. 2 AfterDark girls will come and play Tequila shot games and do a special show for the groom and the group. It's a fun action-filled show that puts the groom in the centre of attention. There will also be a private dance for the groom and a special show and lap dances for all!

Our custom made shot wheel is a beast on its own and all shots on the wheel interact with our AfterDark girls in one way or another but be aware... they are not your normal type of shots...


  • 2 AfterDark girls
  • Show for the groom
  • Private dance for the groom*
  • AfterDark girls show
  • Lap dance for all the guys
  • Gift for the groom
  • 6 spins on the shot wheel**
  • Shot pin badges with each shot
  • 100% agave Tequila for the shots
  • Party lights
  • Music station
  • Striptease

Extra private dances with the AfterDark girls are available for a fee

** 6 shot spins + Tequila is included in the price. Extra shot spins available for a fee.



Surprise the groom on the event with a prank stripper. We can guarantee it will be crazy fun!

CIGARS - From 10€

If any of you want a cigar during the event we will bring our cigar case. We have a large selection of cigars starting from 10€ a cigar.

TQILAKAZE - 10€ per box

AfterDark Exclusive! Tqilakaze - The Ultimate Tequila Shot! This is the MOST famous Tequila shot in the world and you can ONLY get it from us!


If you have an outside area we can bring our crazy funny dunk bucket. Pick a partner and choose your weapon, bow & arrows or balls!


How low can you go? Limbo dance is crazy fun so add this extra activity if you are up for some limbo dancing.

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