Le Cirque De Freak - Prank Stripper Tallinn Le Cirque De Freak - Prank Stripper Tallinn


250€ per group

  • Duration: 15 minutes
  • Location: Tallinn and all Estonia
  • NB: We charge a travel fee of 0.45€ per kilometer if you are located outside of Tallinn's city borders.

De Freak - as Crazy as it gets

We know that many groups want a sexy stripshow with a girl or a guy for the bachelor or bachelorette party in Tallinn or elsewhere in Estonia. There are also groups that have booked a regular stripper many times and are now looking for something different for the groom or bride so we came up with the perfect solution, our very own De Freak, the AfterDark Prank Male Stripper! 

He is unfit and un-sexy and has no clue how to dance, but don't worry, he will do his best. His dancing style has been described as a rabbit shot in the leg, and his moves look more like rhythmic spasms than dancing. His performance is just too bizarre to describe so book it and you will see for yourself! Be warned, it's the craziest, funniest performance ever done by a male stripper so welcome to the freak show!

The show is short but EXTREMELY intense!

This works equally well for groups that want to prank the bride or groom or are looking for a stripshow that is anything but sexy and hot! If you want the sexy stuff, check here for a female stripper and here for a male stripper.

You can of course combine the two and start with the prank stripper and finish with the sexy stripper. It would be the ultimate experience for the groom or bride-to-be. 

As this is on the crazy side we will of course duct tape/restrain the groom or bride so they can't run away or beat our stripper up!

So if you are looking for something special, crazy and fun, then this is it!


  • Our AfterDark prank stripper
  • A special show for the groom or bride*
  • Music system
  • Party lights
  • Special outfit**

* The show is extremely intense and it's about 5 minutes long. Longer than that would not be so fun anymore.

** Be prepared for anything!

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