Tallinn Party Night

The Ultimate Tallinn Party Night

Boys will be boys and sometimes you just need to get together and party like there is no tomorrow! We have the perfect ALL INCLUSIVE event for a guys night out or a lads weekend in Tallinn. We take care of everything, you just need to put on some nice clothes and get to us!

Its All VIP

If there ever was a reason to get together with the guys, this is it! You work hard and now its time to party hard VIP style! Not only will we make sure you get an awesome party night but its also ALL VIP, we start the party in your own exclusive club and finish at a VIP table (bottle service included in Tallinn's best nightclub.

So call the guys, agree on a date and book us!


This is a full party night with us and if you need we can arrange a hotel. We start 18.00 in your own private club and finish around 04.00 in the morning.


  • 2 AfterDark girls
  • 1 guy get a special show*
  • 1 guy get a private dance*
  • AfterDark girls show
  • Lap dance for all the guys
  • 6 spins on the shot wheel** 
  • Shot pin badges with each shot
  • 1 welcome drink for each person
  • 2 rounds of beers for all
  • 1 guy get unlimited beer*
  • Private club (yes, the whole club is yours)
  • Bar with a professional bartender
  • Pole dancing shows
  • ...and a whole lot of craziness :-)

*We play a game to select who will be the lucky guys

**6 spins on the shot wheel + Tequila is included in the price. Extra shot spins available for a fee


If you want we arrange a great steak dinner in a steakhouse! Once done there we get going on the party crawl! You let us know if you want dinner and we let you know the additional cost.


  • AfterDark guided party crawl
  • 2-3 bars
  • Welcome shots in each bar
  • VIP table in 2 strip clubs
  • 1 beer each
  • Drinking games
  • Dares and forfeits
  • Karaoke
  • VIP table in nightclub (bottle service included)**
  • Surprises
  • 1 private dance in strip club*
  • 1 bottle of Champagne in each strip club***

*We play a game to select who will be the lucky guy

**Private VIP entrance, escort to the table and your choice of 1L of strong alcohol, either Gin, Vodka, Rum etc and 2L of mixers.

***Total of 2 bottles of Champagne is included in the crawl.


160€ per person (minimum 8 persons)

This is such a good deal so you don't really need a reason to do it but, maybe you did not have a bachelor party with the guys, maybe its somebodies birthday or maybe its just Saturday! Whatever the reason this is just too good to miss!


Let us know when you want to come and the number of guests and we will check availability for that date and get back to you with additional information. If you don't live in Tallinn we can help to arrange a cheap decent 3-star hotel. The event starts 18.00 and finishes around 04.00.

NB: A minimum of 8 persons is required to book this event.

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