Cuban Cigar Rolling Workshop in Tallinn Cuban Cigar Rolling Workshop in Tallinn


From 45€ per person

  • Duration: +1.5 hours
  • Location: Tallinn and all Estonia
  • Guests: Min 8 (if you are fewer than 8 you still pay for 8)

Learn to roll your own Cuban cigars in Tallinn, Pärnu, Tartu or anywhere else in Estonia!

No matter if you are a smoker or not, having a cigar when you celebrate something is a must do! Everybody knows that Cuban cigars are the most exclusive and the fact that you will be creating your own Cuban cigar masterpiece from start to finish is priceless and an experience you should not miss! This is one very unique experience and it's perfect for bachelor parties, bachelorette parties, birthday parties and company workshops.

Of course, a Cuban cigar needs a companion so you also get to taste our very rare Cuban rum which we sourced from a small traditional distillery in Cuba. If for whatever reason you don't want rum, you can have a glass of whiskey or bourbon.

Make a Cuban cigar and smoke it yourself or give it away as a gift! 

Our Cuban cigar workshop is not only for smokers, anybody can participate. It's a unique activity equally suited for men and women. Even if you don't smoke, you have created a perfect gift to give to someone that does. How cool is that, to give away a Cuban cigar you hand rolled to someone special? 

Roll and smoke a Cuban cigar like a Boss!

Our Cuban cigar workshop is a very artisanal and traditional event, you will use the same kind of tools and equipment that are used in Cuba to hand roll a cigar. The tobacco leaves come straight from Cuba and your instructor is Cuban as well.  He will entertain you and teach you about techniques and how to roll your own cigar, as well as immerse you in the history of the rich Cuban cigar culture.

Once you are done making your Cuban cigar it needs to dry and cure. It will be dry enough to smoke the next day but you can leave it to cure for a few days or a week. You also get 1 ready made cigar each included in the workshop that can be either smoked at the event or taken with you home. If you plan on smoking later or give the cigars away as a gift, just keep them in the included resealable bag and store them in a cool and dry place. They will last 2 to 3 months.   


  • Each person get to roll their own cigar *
  • 1 ready cigar per person **
  • Tools and equipment
  • Cuban host (english speaking)
  • Cuban cigar history
  • 1 glass of Cuban rum per person ***
  • 5% discounts on all cigars ****

* The cigar you roll in the workshop you get to take with you as it will be too wet to smoke immediately. Just let it dry overnight and/or cure it for a few days and it will be perfect!
** You each get 1 ready made cigar at the workshop.
*** 1 glass (4cl) of our rare Cuban rum that is paired perfectly with the cigar. Additional drinks available at a fee. 
**** If you want to buy additional cigars to take with you, we give you a 5% discount on all cigars on display.


You can either come to us and do this workshop, we are located in the city centre of Tallinn. Or we can come to you, anywhere in Estonia and do the workshop in your place.


If you prefer, you can come to us in Tallinn and do the workshop there. 1 glass (4cl) rare Cuban rum per person is included in the price.

Duration: +1.5 hours
Cost: 49€ per person


If you are not located in Tallinn or want to do this workshop in your own place, anywhere in Estonia we can come to you. 1 glass (4cl) rare Cuban rum per person is included in the price. A travel fee of 0.45€ per km applies!

Duration: +1.5 hours
Cost: 45€ per person
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