39€ per person

  • Duration: +1.5 hours
  • Location: Tallinn & all Estonia
  • Guests: Min 8 (if you are fewer than 8 you still pay for 8)
  • NB: We charge a travel fee of 0.45€ per kilometre if you are located outside of Tallinn's city borders.

Professional pillow fighting with AfterDark

Yeah we know, pillow fighting sounds like something you did at a sleepover party when you were 12 but this is the real deal! Modern pillow fighting is taking the sporting world by storm and it is one fun and crazy activity you should not miss at your company event, bachelor, bachelorette or birthday party! We are the only company in Estonia (and Europe) offering this fun and exciting activity!

Check out what Ronny Chieng, the comedian from The Daily Show thinks about Pillow Fighting, Ronny Chieng Investigates Pillow Fighting

We can either do this activity indoors or outdoors. We, or you can arrange a place, a large indoor area or any grassy area where it is possible to do this. If you have your event outside Tallinn, anywhere else in Estonia, we can come to you and set it up. Pillow fighting is also a perfect companion to our Shot & Show or Mini Event if you rented a house outside Tallinn and want to both party and fight!. 

There are 2 fight scenarios, in the first, you all go one-on-one against each other and each winner moves on to the next round until there are only 2 persons left that will compete in the final. In the second scenario you will fight in teams in an all out war!

Of course, you can't have a pillow fight without our sexy AfterDark ring girl annonce each round. Our prominent referee will make sure you follow the rules and will also declare the winner each round.

Our combat pillows are specifically made for professional pillow fighting and you will have a brief training session to try out the pillows while we explain the rules. 

We live in a world where you can't just go around slapping people so pillow fighting is the perfect way to settle any grudge with your friends or colleagues while laughing your ass off!


  • Proffessional combat pillows
  • Sexy ring girl announcing the rounds
  • Referee
  • One-on-one fights
  • All out war
  • Medal to the winner
  • Location *

* Location will depend on if it is indoors or outdoors. We can arrange an indoor location for a fee. If it is outdoors and you don’t have a location where you want to do this we can help to find a grassy area for free.

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