695€ per group 

  • Duration: 2.5 + hours
  • Location: Tallinn and all Estonia
  • NB: We charge a travel fee of 0.45€ per kilometre if you are located outside of Tallinn's city borders.

A birthday party for wicked men and women

If you can’t imagine celebrating a birthday party without clowns then this is for you! Wicked, sinful and very fun!

If 1 clown in our HARLEY QUINN event is not enough, take 2! Our 2 wicked clowns will cause a bit of mayhem but a lot of fun. Be warned, this is for adults, men and women with open minds that love to do something special at the birthday party.

We come and party with you and we bring tons of gear!

2 sexy clowns will come and entertain you for about 2.5 hours. You get to play shot games with our very special game wheel and of course, the birthday child will get a special show as well as a very sinful private dance, and we bring a birthday gift!

Our 2 wicked clowns will perform a special dance for all the group and if you are up for it, some naughty lap dances for all. It's a lot going on and very intense.

We do this event all over Estonia, if you want to do it in Tallinn we can arrange the location.

Our custom made shot wheel is a beast on its own and all shots on the wheel interact with our AfterDark girls in one way or another but be aware... they are not your normal type of shots...


  • 2 AfterDark girls
  • Show for the birthday child
  • Private dance for the birthday child *
  • AfterDark girls show
  • Lap dance for all **
  • Birthday gift ***
  • 6 spins on the shot wheel ****
  • Shot pin badges with each shot
  • 100% agave Tequila for the shots
  • Party lights
  • Music station
  • Striptease

Extra private dances with the AfterDark girls are available for a fee, can be dressed or nude, you decide.

** Lap dances are optional. The event is on the sexy side but suitable for mixed groups, both men and women.
*** A birthday gift is included but we can also arrange a special birthday cake, let us know when you book.
**** 6 shot spins + Tequila is included in the price. Extra shot spins available for a fee.



How low can you go? Limbo dance is crazy fun so add this extra activity if you are up for some limbo dancing.


If you have an outside area we can bring our crazy funny dunk bucket. Pick a partner and choose your weapon, bow & arrows or balls!

HOOKAH - 25€ a session

If you want to smoke a hookah during our event we bring our handmade Hookahs. Let us know when you book and also what shisha/tobacco you want to smoke.

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