169€ per person based on 12 persons and 4 cars

  • Duration: 2+ hours
  • Location: Tallinn
  • Guests: Minimum 4 cars. Calculate up to 3 persons per car.

Demolition Derby in Tallinn

We have the lowest prices for this insane and funny demolition derby in Tallinn. If you want to celebrate your bachelor party in Tallinn be sure to book this big boys bumper car derby! We are sure you all remember how much fun it was to ride bumper cars when you were 5 years old? Well, now you have a chance to relive that experience but this time with real cars!

Hell, you don’t even need a driver license to participate. Just get in the car and forget everything you know about traffic safety and show the guys who are the boss!

You all will take turns driving, but there can be only 2 persons in one car at the same time for safety reasons. 

There is no time limit, you will drive until the cars are beyond fixing. Our brilliant team of mechanics will keep cars alive as long as possible.

How long you will be able to drive depends on how aggressive you are with cars. We work our magic on them but we can't perform miracles, once dead, dead it stays.


  • Cars *
  • Special race track
  • English instructor
  • Safety instructions
  • Helmets
  • Welcome drink & water
  • Transfers to and from the venue

* There is a 4 car minimum, so calculate up 3 persons for each car to get the most of it (only 2 people can be inside each car for safety reasons but you all take turns). Example: if 12 people book 4 cars the cost will be 2028€/169€ per person. You can always order extra cars depending on the group size and how many cars you want to destroy. Each extra car is 507€.

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