Asylum Escape Room in Tallinn | Unique Escape Room Estonia Asylum Escape Room in Tallinn | Unique Escape Room Estonia


395€ per group

  • Duration: +1 hour
  • Location: Tallinn

Most unique escape room experience in Tallinn for bachelor parties! 

Surprise the groom or the birthday guy with this very funny sexy escape room experience, he will have no clue what will happen next! We meet up close to the Asylum and the groom will be hooded and get a headset so he can't see or hear what is going on. He will be chained to the wall and left alone in a padded cell and once he removes the hood and sees the crazy girl also chained to the wall, the game is on...

No matter if it's a bachelor party or a birthday party, this is one crazy activity you can't miss! If you are looking for THE ultimate experience and want to combine two events e.g. striptease and an escape room visit in Tallinn then this is the perfect activity! Our AfterDark Asylum girl is so sexy and crazy and you will spend one hour alone with her trying to break out of your padded cell.

But be aware, not all is what it seems... and do you dare to set her free? This is truly a one-of-a-kind experience for the groom of the bachelor party or for the adult of the birthday party and it is without question the most unusual escape room in Tallinn!


  • 1 AfterDark girl
  • Asylum/padded cell escape room
  • Special strip show
  • Striptease
  • All Asylum props
  • Riddles & puzzles

This event is for one person + the girl inside a padded cell, the rest of the people can wait outside in the bar area.

A special 8 to 10 minute edited video is available for a fee. 

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