10€ per box

  • NB: ONLY available if you book our events!

One-shot, four different ways

If you like shots, you're gonna love this! Tqilakaze, the ultimate party shot and the perfect gift. This is an ultra-premium set, composed of the highest quality components and it can be used over and over again. Experience this EPIC SHOT 4 different ways!

The box contains enough Tequila for 2 (25ml shots or slammers, either Regular, Player or Ironman) or 1 (50ml shot) if you do the Suicide.


Content of box

1 Bottle (50ml) Premium Tqilakaze Blanco 100% Agave Tequila 38%. 1 Shot glass with Tqilakaze logo. 1 Headband with Tqilakaze logo. 1 Salt sachet (1g). 2 Saline tubes. 1 Tqilakaze coaster. 1 Fake 500 € banknote. Lime NOT included!

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