The bachelor party to end all bachelor parties

The most intense stag do/bachelor package in Tallinn! Whatever you decide to do on your stag do/bachelor night or bachelor weekend in Tallinn, do NOT miss this one! In fact, if you only have enough money to do one thing then this is it!

This is NOT a bunch of activities randomly put together, this is one long crazy party night where you get to party like you never partied before! Our event is THE ESSENCE of what a bachelor party must be!

If you want a stag do/bachelor party like nothing you ever could imagine check out what we offer for your stag do/bachelor party in Tallinn. Our event includes EVERYTHING you could ever wish for in a stag/bachelor night, and then some!    

A bachelor party done as it should be done

We take the hassle out of trying to figure out what to do on your bachelor night. In our very unique event, we have included all the things that are a MUST DO for this night and then some. Don’t confuse a bachelor party with just going out drinking one night with the guys or shoot some paintball and hit some bars and clubs in the evening. It's sooo much more to it!

A proper bachelor party is a completely different beast and it ONLY becomes epic when done through proper planning by insanely creative people with only one mission in mind, to make YOUR NIGHT the best ever!

One party, One crew, One event

ONE PARTY - we run and control the whole night! With other companies, you get a bunch of separate activities which they buy from different activity providers and it makes it impossible to get a good party flow. Not with us, we run the party from start to finish, and we run it smoothly! You book and we take care of the rest! 
ONE CREW - we have something nobody else has and that is our own crew, the AfterDark girls, they are exquisite creatures, sensual, sexy, naughty and fun, and together with them and our other crew, you will spend a night of specially designed craziness!

ONE EVENT - we only do ONE EVENT per night! We don't run multiple events each day, we just concentrate on ONE group and ONE event at the time! Other companies just organize your event, WE ARE THE EVENT!

NB: We are NOT a strip club or a nightclub! We are a badass event company with our own events and our own crew. We just rent different clubs and venues depending on the type of events we do!


From 148€ per person

(Less or more depending on group size)

Scroll down for exact price for your group and per person

And so it starts... let the mayhem begin!

Your event starts at 16.15 and finishes at around 03.00
Location: Tallinn City Centre & Old Town


Photo studio

All bachelor groups get a professional mugshot picture made as a memento from their awesome bachelor party in Tallinn.

We dress up the groom and 2 of his friends for this picture, the AfterDark girls do the kiss marks and everything else is done in photoshop.

When we are done with the groom we make a group picture with all the guys!

This is a VERY UNIQUE service we only offer our bachelor groups and you all receive high-resolution pictures you can share with your friends:-) We use different custom made background of Tallinn and we put a lot of photoshop work into the pictures.  


  • Private studio
  • All accessories for the group
  • One mugshot picture of the groom
  • One group picture
  • Our own digital backgrounds
  • Transport from studio to club

Private exclusive club

Once done in the photo studio we transport you all down to the club and get the party started! We have created the most intense bachelor night ever, loaded with awesomeness as our sexy AfterDark girls, snacks, drinks, beers, special shows, lap dances, crazy shot games with our custom shot wheel and more.

We make sure all the guys are taken care of, but of course, the groom gets some extra perks as, cool gifts, an unlimited amount of free beers, special show, private dance and so on.

Our custom made shot wheel is a beast on its own and all shots on the wheel interact with our AfterDark girls in one way or another but be aware... they are not your normal type of shots...

To make things even more interesting, we have a shot section called “Surprise”, what that is we will not tell you but every time you land there you pick your own destiny by selecting one out of 10 cards...


  • Our AfterDark crew
  • Show for the groom
  • Private dance for the groom
  • AfterDark girls show
  • Lap dance for all the guys
  • Gifts for the groom
  • Pole dancing shows
  • Snacks
  • Tea, coffee & juice
  • 1 welcome shot for each person
  • Unlimited beer for the groom
  • Awesome AfterDark t-shirts for all
  • 2 beers or alcoholic drinks per person
  • Spins on the shot wheel for all*
  • Shot pin badges with each shot
  • Private club (yes, the whole club is yours)
  • Bar with a professional bartender

*Everybody gets to play! One shot spin per person + Tequila is included.


Beer & Burger

Once done in the club it's time to eat! While we prepare and get ready for the VIP Party Crawl you all get a delicious hamburger with fries and a cold beer!

The best burger in Tallinn is just around the corner and we will have everything prepared for you all!


  • One burger with fries each
  • 1 beer each

VIP Party Crawl

Just as it says on the tin, it’s all VIP baby! It's the perfect party mix, start in your own private club with tons of things included and after the event, we go on an insanely funny, party crawl in Tallinn's Old City. 

We finish the night in one of the best nightclubs in Tallinn, of course, in VIP style! 

You get priority entrance, VIP table in the VIP section with bottle service included in the price and you can select between 1 L of Gin, Vodka or Whiskey and 2 L of different mixers.

From the first venue to the last, its VIP all the way! We will drink, sing karaoke, play games, party with strippers, and end it all dancing like crazy in Tallinn's best nightclub. You will be king for a night and have Tallinn at your feet.


  • Our AfterDark crew
  • 2 bars
  • 2 shots
  • VIP table in a nightclub (bottle service included)*
  • Drinking games
  • Dares and forfeits
  • Karaoke
  • VIP table in 2 strip clubs (short visits)
  • 1 bottle of Champagne in each strip club**
  • 1 private dance in strip club
  • Surprises
  • ...and a whole lot of craziness :-)

*Priority entrance, escort to the table and your choice of 1L of strong alcohol, either Gin, Vodka, Rum etc and 2L of mixers.

**Total of 2 bottles of Champagne are included in the crawl


Free tickets and discounts

If you plan to spend the weekend, or more than 1 night in Tallinn we hook you up with FREE tickets to nightclubs and strip clubs and we throw in some other perks as great deals in select restaurants and bars.

We want you to have a great time in Tallinn and if you book our event and maybe 1 or 2 activities during the day you are all set for a totally awesome bachelor party!

The rest of the time, just chillax and enjoy the city :-)


We also offer price reductions on “Early Bird” bookings and bookings for events done on weekdays! You see all these reductions when you go to the booking page.


Optional EXTRAS to this package

You select any of these options on the booking page when you book!

We have included some essential extras that will add some final touches to your already epic bachelor party and it will give you a unique memento of an absolutely fantastic night!

  • VIDEO - 175€ per group

    There is so much going on during the night and we keep you all very busy, so even if some guys take pictures or video, it's impossible for them to capture the whole craziness of the night! We record everything for you professionally (photos & video) and edit it into a very funny 8-10 min compilation of what an epic night it was!

  • PRANK - From 150€ to 350€ per group

    If you want us to prank the groom and/or the whole group sometime during the night, select this option. We do NOT list the available pranks here as we don't want anybody in your group to know what the pranks are. It will be a fun surprise for all! If you select this option we will send you a list with prank and prices for each and you just select one! 

  • TQILAKAZE - 10€ per box

    AfterDark Exclusive! Tqilakaze - The Ultimate Tequila Shot! This is the MOST famous Tequila shot in the world and you can ONLY get it with our events! Do not, we repeat do NOT do our event without getting one of these bad boys! Get for your bachelor group and get a few extra to give away as Christmas or birthday gifts etc. You pay and get the boxes at the event. Check it HERE! 


If you book our event and need day activities you can select from activities we run and manage or activities done by trusted partners. Once you booked us we can discuss options!

NB: We DON'T sell day activities separate! We only help with organizing day activities to groups that book our events!  


If you book our event and need a place to stay we can help you with that too. There are many different options with prices from 20€ a person and up. We help you find something according to your wishes and needs.


Any questions, just contact us either by email or phone. We are EXTREMELY 
responsive and get back to you ASAP! If you want to talk to us on the phone, just send us an SMS or call us and we call you right back!

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