Paintball, Motor Paintball  & Demolition Derby

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Why not start the day with some cool day activities, wash up and get ready for our event and finish the night partying with us! Check out some of the daytime activities you can do in Tallinn.

We list some of the activities here with direct links to the suppliers but we can, of course, arrange anything local supplier offers in Tallinn, so just let us know when you book us.

Paintball in Tallinn

One of the companies we work with is They specialise in paintball, motor paintball, and demolition derby. They have been at it since 2005 and they know what they are doing! There are a few copycat companies here in Estonia that offer similar activities but trust us, is the real deal! Great crew and great prices! They also have the largest battlefield in the Baltics with both underground and above ground battle areas. They give you many choices from standard paintball to motor paintball and if you are in the mode to f**k things up, demolition derby! They can even bring in a real tank if you want!

Paintball in Tallinn

Are you ready to add some colour to your life? This is the largest and most awesome battle area in the Baltics! You will be playing different scenarios in an old Russian military base, how cool is that?!

Of course, you can dress the groom up in a chicken suit and make him run for his life. A game of paintball is the perfect way to kick off your stag do and start the day!

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Motor Paintball in Tallinn

If you want to take it to the next level, then motor paintball is for you! Using cars gives paintball an extra dimension and many more opportunities for different battle scenarios. 

You can use the cars as tanks, as cover or in ambushes or why not use them for some good old fashion drive-by shooting.

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Demolition Derby in Tallinn

Big boys bumper car derby! We are sure you all remember how much fun it's was to ride bumper cars when you were 5 years old? Well, now you have a chance to relive that experience but this time with real cars!

Hell, you don’t even need a driver license to participate. Just get in the car and forget everything you know about traffic safety and show the guys who are the boss!

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Go Karting in Tallinn

If you plan to do some go-karting in Tallinn, this is the place to do it in. They have the longest indoor and outdoor tracks, and the fastest, newest go-karts!

This is the Grand Prix version so you get a warm up, a timed race and the final. Each one of you will get 30 to 40 minutes track time!

First three winners of the competition will get medals and a bottle of champagne!

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Shooting in Tallinn

Lock and load! Shooting with automatic guns and semi-automatic pistols is a thing you only can do in some places in Europe, Tallinn is one of them.

You can select many different shooting packages, whatever turns you on!


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Clay Pigeon Shooting in Tallinn

Clay pigeon shooting is crazy fun! If you never tried this before, now is the time to do it! You get a shotgun and get to shot things that look like alien spaceships flying through the air.

It's a very fun, action-packed activity and it's great for bachelor parties. 

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If you are looking for a very cool and low-cost day activity then check these guys out! Axtonia is bringing urban axe throwing to Tallinn! What is urban axe throwing? Imagine darts, but bigger!

No matter what you choose, we promise you a unique, exciting, and completely unforgettable experience. Join us, let loose, and Unleash Your Inner Viking!

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