Karaoke in Tallinn | VIP Bottle Service Tallinn Karaoke in Tallinn | VIP Bottle Service Tallinn


395€ per group

  • Duration: As long as you want
  • Location: Tallinn

Singing, drinking and looking at sexy girls, VIP style!

Whether you are celebrating a bachelor party or a birthday party Karaoke is the way to go. We teamed up with the most exclusive strip club in Tallinn which also happens to have a very exclusive Karaoke hall.

You get to sing and have fun and you have your own table with VIP bottle service included. If you need catering it can also be arranged.

The karaoke hall is separated from the main strip club room so if you don't want to interact with the girls you just stay in the karaoke hall.


  • Entrance to strip club *
  • 5 karaoke songs **
  • VIP table with bottle service ***
  • Striptease ****

* The karaoke hall is located inside a strip club so you get entrance included in this event. Regular entrance fee is 20€ a person.
** You have 5 songs included and you can order extra songs for a small fee.
*** Your choice of 1 L of strong alcohol, either Gin, Vodka, Rum etc and 3 L of mixers.
**** You have the options to go to the strip club rooms and watch some striptease and interact with the girls. If you just want karaoke, then you just stay in the karaoke hall.

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