A Wicked Birthday Celebration

A perfect birthday party for +18 adults

It's easy to plan a birthday when all participants are 5 years old but it gets a bit harder with adults, especially when these adults want to party. There are very few options in Estonia if you want to surprise the birthday boy/girl. You can either rent a place and sit there all night or reserve a few tables in a bar/restaurant and then go to a club.

In either way, it can get quite expensive and it's not very original or special. We are the only company in Estonia that offer an adult-themed birthday party service with tons of things included!   

Birthday party VIP style

There are birthdays and there are birthdays, but if its worth to celebrate it you better do it right! With us, you get to party VIP style on your birthday! We offer many different options if you plan to do something special on your birthday. You can either celebrate in your own private club with us in Tallinn, with everything included or if you have your own location, anywhere in Estonia, we come to you!

2 options!

We give you 2 options, our place in Tallinn or yours, anywhere in Estonia. If you are not sure which one to take then check out both options and then decide!

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