We get most of our booking in a few weeks' notices and most are for events on weekends. So we thought we sweeten the deal for groups that have the possibility to book further in advance and/or book and do the event on a Sunday, Monday or Tuesday. 

1. “Early Bird” Book a minimum of 3 MONTHS (90 days) in advance and get a 50€ price reduction on events on Wednesdays to Saturdays! NB: If you book and do the event on a Sunday, Monday or Tuesday the price reduction is 100€.

2. Book the event for a Sunday, Monday or Tuesday, A MINIMUM OF 5 DAYS in advance and get a 50€ price reduction!

NB: In addition to getting special offers on weekdays from us you should also keep in mind that if you travel from abroad, that flights are generally much cheaper during the weekdays.


You can ONLY book our event a minimum of 5 days in advance due to the setup requirements we have. We strongly suggest that you book your event as soon as you set your dates as we sell out quickly during the main bachelor season from May to August.

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We have included some essential extras that will add some final touches to your already epic bachelor party and it will give you a unique memento of an absolutely fantastic night! It’s (hopefully) a once in a lifetime event for the groom-to-be and if the rest of you guys don’t return to Tallinn to party with us, a once in a lifetime event for you too. So make sure you make the most of it! 

Open bar (unlimited drinking) 30€ per person 

If you like the idea of an open bar with unlimited amounts of beers and drinks based on Vodka, Gin, Whiskey, Rum and Tequila, then this is for you! The cost is 30€ per person.

Tqilakaze - The Ultimate Bachelor Shot! 10€ per box

AfterDark Exclusive! This is the MOST famous Tequila shot in the world and you can ONLY get it with our events! Do not, we repeat do NOT do our event without getting one of these bad boys! Get for your stag group and get a few extra to give away as Christmas or birthday gifts etc. You pay and get the boxes at the event. Click HERE for picture.


Extend the party from 4 to 10 hours. If you book our club event you can select additional specially priced deals like Beer & Burger and a private Bar Crawl which ends in a top nightclub. Doing so turn your 4-hour event into a 10-hour event. You also get the option to select very funny pranks.

Beer and Burger - 10€ per person 

Make a pit stop and eat something! Select this option if you want to eat something after our event. The best hamburger restaurant in Tallinn is just around the corner. Get delicious hamburgers with fries and a cold beer before you continue the party!

Private Bar Crawl - 15€ per person 

If you want to continue the party after our event you can add a private 4-hour bar crawl to the event. NB: This is NOT our VIP Party Crawl and it's done by the Epic Bar Crawl company, NOT AfterDark! You get guided around the Old City and you get to visit 3 bars and a nightclub. It's fun no hassle guided bar crawl. If you don't know what else to do this night after our event just include the bar crawl and you are all set! 15€ per person is a bargain and you get to continue the party after our event and finish in a top nightclub.

- 4 hours with a guide
- 1 x beer/cider
- 3 x Shots at the bars along the way
- Entry to a top nightclub
- Exclusive drink deals

Prank - From 150€ to 350€ per group

If you want us to prank the groom and/or the whole group sometime during the night, select this option. We do NOT list the available pranks here as we don't want anybody in your group to know what the pranks are. It will be a fun surprise for all!

If you select this option we will send you a list with prank and prices for each and you just select one! All our pranks are very sophisticated, No BS pranks as stag arrests etc. Check the pranks out and decide later if you want or not but be sure to check this box to see what we offer!

Beer & Burger X 10 = EUR
Bar Crawl X 15 = EUR
(Sunday to Tuesday discount: EUR)
(Early booking discount: EUR)


If you book our event we can assist you in getting great deals on different daytime activities as, shooting, go-carts, paintball and tons of other activities and/or help you find a suitable hotel.

Just put an X in the boxes below!

Yep, we need more stuff to do on our stag.

We need a place to sleep.


IMPORTANT: When you click on the button below you will be forwarded to PayPal. Your booking is NOT saved or confirmed until you have paid the 50 EUR BOOKING FEE. If you fail to make the payment after you clicked on the button you must make a new booking.

You will get an email with a summary of your booking details.

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